Friday, May 31, 2013

Leafing My Mark

Leafing My Mark - Deborah Wirsu

My first thoughts when presented with  this theme - Leave Your Mark - was that the world has enough marks already. Some are beautiful - ancient rock paintings and carvings, fabrics, and so on; some have the potential to be ugly and ruinous - industrial sites, waste dumps; some of us worry about the size of our carbon footprint…I want what remains of a beautiful world to stay untouched.

The more I pondered, the more I realised that this subject has many facets and that the simple act of being alive leaves its own mark on the world, either in a physical, psychological or emotional sense. Building a house or digging the soil leaves a mark, as does giving birth to children, creating art or music, or making someone happy or unhappy.

On consideration of my own personality, I am a quiet person, preferring harmony to conflict. I enjoy beauty in the things I have around me; I dislike clutter.

The water lily leaf idea emerged from the way I have chosen to present myself on the web. I love water lilies and lotus, finding in them beauty and tranquillity, useful to man and nature, in both a practical and aesthetic sense, by providing habitat, food and visual pleasure. The flowers, when they appear, thrust above the surface with a magnificent display. I've tried to portray leaves beginning the stage of decay, still floating on the surface of the water, but with an invisible anchor connecting with and enriching the soil below, so that the life cycle can continue.

I always enjoy creating a new work that features water lilies or lotus, so it seemed a logical progression to create another in this vein.
This work is constructed using cotton batik fabrics, fabric paints, raw-edge appliqué, thread sketching and free motion quilting.
Size: 15 x 15"
My other work can be seen on my blog.

Leafing My Mark - Detail 1 - Deborah Wirsu

Leafing My Mark - Detail 2 - Deborah Wirsu


  1. Deborah, you have managed to incorporate a lot of details and textures into 15 inches. The leaf fabric is so interesting that I keep having another look. The stitching and threadwork are another dimension in this stunning piece.

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  3. This is amazing Deborah. I found myself trying to look below the water to see the submerged leaves. You have captured the quality of the water with it's reflections and the texture and colour of the leaves so vividly

  4. As always, stunning. Your perfection in design, colour and stitch is amazing. I too love lotus and water lilies.

  5. Georgeous, radiant quilt, Deborah. Would love to see it in the flesh. The threads you have used really add sparkle to the quilt.

  6. Lovely quilt Debora--from the shapes to the details of the leaves. I love your artist statement also with the reference to the roots and the soil. I can picture that too as I read this. A different view from the usual lotus leaf images.

  7. I, too, love water lilies and you've done them (and yourself) very proud with this piece, Deborah. I'm so impressed that you can add so much stitch and have it enhance the quilt quilt, as opposed to overpower it. The color scheme is spot on for a peaceful piece as well.

  8. I admire all details of your quilt! Wonderful!

  9. The colours, stitching and movement in this piece are just so rich. It's just everything that's great about fabric and thread!