Monday, September 30, 2013

Silence Speaks

Silence Speaks - Zen garden art quilt - Deborah Wirsu
Silence Speaks

Amongst gently raked pebbles
Silence speaks quietly, 
Listen ...

Silence Speaks is my contribution to the September challenge, with the theme 'The Sound of Silence'. While I don't profess to being a poet of any talent, I felt a haiku fitted my interpretation of this theme. In our current world of constant noise - phones, Twitter, traffic, etc, silence can be elusive. Gardens and parks are where I often seek peace and tranquility, and Zen or Japanese gardens, in particular, offer a gentle stillness that quietens the mind and restores the soul. 

Silence Speaks - Zen garden art quilt - Detail 1 - Deborah Wirsu
Detail 1

Silence Speaks - Zen garden art quilt - Detail 2 - Deborah Wirsu
Detail 2
This quilt is constructed from cotton and linen, with appliqué rocks and stitched detail using straight stitch, satin stitch and free motion quilting. It measures 15" x 15".

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  1. Deborah

    How zen in both design and colour palette. I also particularly like the wide black border, which solves the problem people sometimes have with square formats.

  2. Lovely, the design and graphic quality are very calm, very peaceful. And the fabrics are perfect

  3. This is so zen, and a beautiful haiku as well...

  4. This makes my heart skip a beat! Love your imagery Deborah. Beautiful.

  5. Another beautifully thought out and executed piece, Deborah.

  6. Love, love, love! Did you write the haiku, too?

    1. Hi Vivien - yes, I did. I'm no poet, but these few words seemed to meet my need.

  7. You have a very Asian aesthetic in your work, beautiful, elegant with attention to every detail. Beautiful.