Monday, March 31, 2014

Moroccan Spice

Moroccan Spice
I can't believe another two months have passed already and it's time for the next 'reveal'!
This time I have chosen a slightly unusual approach to the theme ('Love' ) by exploring sensory love. Sensory derives from the Latin sentire - to feel or perceive while love I've taken in the context of feelings, pleasure and emotions. 
As a result, Moroccan Spice examines my love for:
  • the visual aspect of the exotic and enticing mounds of spices found in Moroccan souks - markets and bazaars
  • the colours of Morocco - spices, carpets, architecture, clothing and decorative embellishments
  • the designs and colours of mosaics, which can vary from the ordered to the abstract and are often highly colourful
Given my current explorations into the possibilities of Inktense as a colouring medium, this piece has been dyed exclusively using Inktense. To prepare the work I first colour washed the background fabric using simple outlines for the major shapes. I then colour washed a larger piece in broad bands of colours, to be used for the mosaic pieces.
The process was then a gradual one of building up the lines of mosaic until I was satisfied. Each piece was individually fused and raw-edge stitched - this took quite a while!
The quilting occurs in the 'channels' between some of the mosaic tiles, using coloured threads and a little gold metallic thread.
Detail 1 - mosaic pieces
To finish the piece, the untiled areas have been embellished with beads.
Detail 2 - beading
Detail 3 - beading
Size is 15" x 15". Materials - cotton dyed with Inktense, beads, rayon, polyester and metallic threads. Techniques - hand painting, raw edge appliqué, beading.

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  1. I like this very much -- a Moroccan rainbow, and a unique expression of the challenge theme. :-)

  2. An interesting interpretation

  3. The way the colours move through the piece, and transition from one to another is very well thought out. The spicy colours contrast with the cool areas, enlivened with beads. I have never been to Morocco, but it has always had an exotic appeal, which your have captured well.

  4. Very interesting quilt! I like it!

  5. The detail and colour flow create an intriguing image. The colours also give the feel of the very dark shadows you see in countries with bright sun perfect bead and stitch work

  6. Your mosaic is evocative of a lovely floor and I can imagine it in an exotic place like Morocco. I've never been, but I sure would love to!

  7. Your idea is excellent and the design is beautifully done. You can feel the heat of the sun baking the tiles!

  8. Amazing use of colour- so jewel like. I love the mosiac look, Deborah.

  9. What a clever use of Inktense! Perhaps it is the bars you have used?
    The colors are lovely flowing over the design and you have succeeded to catch the mosaic look very well.

  10. A very colourful piece, perfect for presenting such a sunny and hot country like Morocco.