Saturday, May 31, 2014

Black Hole over the Equator

Black Hole over the Equator
To come up with an idea for the 'space' theme, I needed to decide if I should consider 'space' as:
  • A place
  • An area that can contain things
  • An area between things
  • A period or duration of time
  • A dimension
  • The solar system
Originally, I thought to take the concept in an obscure or, at least, subtle direction. I didn't want to travel the obvious path of using a concept based on astronomy, but as idea after idea ran through my head which, ultimately, led nowhere, I knew I had to get a move on! Nothing was 'clicking'. In the end, fearing I was at risk of running out of time before the May 31 deadline, I decided to take the obvious path.

In order to develop the idea,  I looked at concepts and techniques in my recent works and integrated these into my design. So, two threads  - Mosaic and Abstract - have been utilised. The idea of the black hole occurred to me as potentially being effective, and I had the perfect collection of batik fabric to put the idea together.

Black Hole - detail
The construction is not complicated - I drew the design on paper and cut many individual appliqué pieces from batik fabric, which were then fused onto black background fabric. Each mosaic piece has been individually stitched.
Black Hole - detail
I had a range of graduating and blending fabrics in blue batiks, which were organised to create the suggestion of depth, of falling into a hole.
Black Hole - detail from an angle
The 'hole' can look different when viewed from a different angle.  
As with all Latitude Quilts group challenge quilts, the piece measures 15"x15" and is constructed from cotton batik fabrics, solid black cotton background and backing, and cotton wadding.
p.s. why did I call it Black hole over the Equator? Simple, really! I used the idea of a black hole in space and, because  batik fabrics originate from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, etc, all of which are located around the Equator the name simply popped into my head!

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  1. Great! The real feeling of the hole!

  2. I'm impressed by your ability to select and lay out the fabric on the background so that the depth of the vortex is created. What an eye! It looks 3-dimensional!

  3. I agree with Margaret about the 3D effect. It feels like I am ready to fall into the hole. As a Batik lover and Island of Bali fan I like your choice of fabrics.

  4. This is a great evolution of your tile technique. Your use of value is superb. I love it!

  5. All I can say is wow! Your technique and design are truly impressive.

  6. Many years ago, in 1997 I saw a quilt made by Melody Johnson, in a quilt exhibition, perhaps in Barcelona and I was so impressed by it and the way Melody achieved her fantastic mosaic effect. How did she make it?
    Now I have got the answer from you Deborah, with this lovely mosaic quilt you have made. You really have obtain this marvelous mosaic effect and also the 3D-effekt. I love your blue color palette and your Black Hole quilt.