Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Empty Space

Before I chose this theme, I found a drawing that I had done in college many moons ago. The exercise had been to draw the negative space around a figure, leaving a white image. After seeing it, I really wanted to do a piece using this technique, so when it came my turn to choose the theme, I thought space would be very appropriate. 

Little did I know that the piece would become so personal to me in such a sad and emotional way. As many of you know, we lost our little dog in a very tragic way, so this piece depicts the emptiness and immense sadness I feel around losing him.

The white figure is my empty space, my whole body and being. The free motion quilting spirals are the confused, swirling emotions I felt at the time, and still do. I wanted the background to be quite busy and colourful to contradict the feeling of empitness in the figure. I didn't do a lot of quilting on the background as I wanted to focus to be on the figure with its heavy spiral quilting.

I had trouble with the perspective of the piece and I am not really happy with the table, however, I feel I have fulfilled most of my goals for the challenge. I was also influenced by Annabell Rainbow's work for this piece.

Materials used:  Commercial cottons, shot silk, white linen, silk organza.


  1. This is stunning Amanda, I can see Annabells influence but I think you have given it your own voice, the emotion is captured perfectly, it is such a desperately sad piece

  2. Wow, Amanda. This is amazing! Very emotive.

  3. Very striking, very powerful in what it conveys.

  4. I hope by expressing your sadness in your powerful piece, it has helped to ease some of the pain.

  5. Thanks Julia, yes, it has helped though it was an emotional experience getting this piece finished.

  6. You really have succeeded to express your sadness in this piece.
    The way you use the negative and positive space are very skillful.
    Lovely quilting of the woman's body.