Monday, September 22, 2014

When quilt disaster strikes!

I'm sure we've all experienced times when not everything goes according to plan with our quilting. Disasters can occur unexpectedly, while at other times you just 'know' something is not 'right' with your quilt.
Over the past week or so, I've experienced several disasters!

Here is my story of a challenge quilt, a deadline and fatigue...

As members of the Latitude quilt group, we create a small quilt every two months, to a set theme. Usually, I'm reasonably organised and don't leave things until the last few weeks, but this time, many and varied work commitments have kept me from getting to grips with the current challenge.

A large part of the problem is simply that I've been too busy! My 'other' work as a musician, playing the viola, has involved me in an intensely busy period of orchestral concerts, opera performances and chamber orchestra rehearsals, resulting in being out almost every night for four or five weeks - on top of my sewing and other work commitments!
Abandoned quilt! (detail)
With the deadline looming, I got started a couple of weeks ago - painting, appliquéing, stitching. But the more I did to that little quilt, the more I felt there was something wrong - something not sitting comfortably. I did not like what I was making!

Quilt UFOs
So a few days ago, I abandoned this quilt to the UFO pile and resolved to make another - with 10 days and little time to make it! I had a design plan in my head that I thought I could get together reasonably quickly, so, just yesterday, got started.

Gathering fabrics, fusible web, wadding, threads, etc, I began by piecing together a section for the background. An hour or so later this, too, had joined the UFO pile. It just wasn't my style. Oh dear! 
Not my style!
Another pieced background later, I was ready to begin collaging my design, using painted fusible web and a range of organzas. One of the challenges that arises when creating a quilt while extremely tired, is how to avoid mistakes and problems. And this I did NOT manage to do!

Organza and painted fusible web
So what went wrong? Well, everything that I caution others against doing! 
  • Managed to get fusible web glue on both my iron and ironing board cover
  • Tried to fuse painted fusible web upside down, with the result that it stuck to baking paper that was, by this time, protecting the iron
  • Succeeded in fusing paper to my quilt, which I then had to painstakingly sponge off with water
  • Melted organza while trying to attach painted fusible web
  • Cut some of the organza pieces the wrong was around, so had to cut them again
By this stage, I was nearly going crazy, but was also reasonably happy (or was it hysteria?) with the way the design was coming together. Next, began the stitching and - so far - this is moving along problem free - Hooray!

Disasters. We all have them, but I really don't think I could handle any more this week!

Will I get this quilt finished in time? 
I believe I will, indeed!

What have I learned?

Quilting and fatigue do not mix! 

Happy days!! - Deborah
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  1. Glad to hear someone else has these troubles from time to time! I experienced several of the fusible webbing ones you mentioned while doing my 'Space' piece, in fact I repeated a couple of the which got me really frustrated, and yes, I was tired at the time too...the two definitely don't mix!