Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's a Sign

Since moving to Salisbury, UK, I am surrounded with beautiful medieval architecture, signage and history.

I started to take photos of street signs and old building names not long after I moved here as they were, quite simply, too good to pass up. Some of them are on gorgeous metal plates, ripened with age, others are more modern signs but with lovely names like 'Pennyfarthing St' & 'Salt Lane'. Some old building names are carved into stone or etched into metal.  

The city abounds with history and there is evidence of human settlement in the area  at Old Sarum dating back as far as 3000 BC. The Romans established Old Sarum as a military base between 43 AD and 410 AD and the present city was established in 1220 AD. I decided to use our alphabet, the Roman Alphabet, in my piece due to the Roman connection with the city  and I also wanted to convey the richness of history of the city alongside the 21st century.

Lettering and the alphabet as we know it has changed much over the centuries, as has the way it is displayed in signage. Salisbury embraces the  modern and mixes it with the new all over the city in a harmonious display linking past and present.

I came across a video by Claire Benn on paper lamination and decided to use this technique to transfer my collage of laser printed images onto sheer polyester. I then free quilted the design and used a facing to finish.

Materials Used: Laser printed images, polyester sheer, polyester thread, cotton batting and cotton backing fabric.

Amanda Sievers


  1. I admire old signs too! wonderful idea to put it together in quilt.

  2. I love how you kept the impression of old through using paper lamination. A wonderful technic.

  3. This almost looks like real stone! I think it's great.

  4. What a lovely quilt! With this technique your really have succeeded
    to bring out the character of the letters. Love it!