Saturday, November 30, 2013

'Escape Plan' by Linden Lancaster

After reading about collage process used by Valerie S. Goodwin, I decided to make an ‘Art quilt map’ to fit in with this theme of ‘Escape’. The building plan I have used is fictional and has no particular significance. It is up to the viewer to decide if it is a prison, castle or a house. 

My primary intention of this piece was not so much in interpreting the theme, but to present a visual buffet of shape, line, texture and colour.
The collage process was quite an enjoyable one:
1.      Light coloured fabric were cut (or torn) and sewn onto a substrate.
2.      Chunky hand sewing was then added in a random way to give this background some extra texture.
3.      Fabric paint was added sparingly with a brush to unify patchwork pieces together. I also added a stencils throughout the process.
4.      A few sheer fabrics were then applied with misty fuse.
5.      The linear and rectangular elements of the plan were then fused into place and thread painted/quilted.
6.      More hand sewing was then added to give the piece more interest.
I think I would like to make another piece of a place that I identify with– something with paddocks, rivers and dirt roads. I also like the idea of adding your own poetry, like a Haiku.

'Escape Plan' by Linden Lancaster 2013
'Escape Plan' detail 1

'Escape Plan' detail 2


  1. This sounds a most interesting process. What a visual feast!

  2. Wow Linden, there is a huge amount of detail to look at, this process is intriguing, I would like to see your imagined piece as well!

  3. beautiful textured background with lots of depth and interest. I read Valerie's book as well but took her Haiku approach. Well done!

  4. This is another piece I'd love to see up close so I could really examine all the details. This has terrific depth. I also love the touch of fantasy that you've added with the escape routes going through walls.

  5. Wow! The detail here is fantastic. I could look at it for hours!

  6. Very, very nice, Linden. I think the detail you have achieved is remarkable. I love the palette and energy of the piece, increased by the red arrows leading out of the building.

  7. I love this piece. It makes me want to go and play with fabric and paint.
    The layers that you have achieved are a delight to the viewer!