Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow Dyeing - inspired by Greta

Inspired by Greta and the lovely sun and winter weather I decided to try snow dyeing with Procion MX. For the moment it is still outside where I hope the sun will start thawing the snow. I put the fabric on 10 cm ice and snow and covered it with another 10 cm. As it seemed frozen I have used salt on top of the snow. So now I'll just have to wait.


  1. Gurli, this seems like fun to do; it looks good enough to eat! Looking forward to seeing the result.

  2. We don't have snow, so I am ice dyeing inside.. at least it melt! might take all day... cold here also... 29 F last night.

  3. Hi Vivian,
    Pleased to see you found us here.