Thursday, August 1, 2013


When I ask people about their memories, the first thing that comes up is how simple things were “back then”.  We remember riding our bikes without a helmet, sitting in the front seat of the car, eating watermelon with seeds, or when a phone had a rotary dial and was attached to the wall with a cord.  My, what a simpler time.

My quilt represents how we start with a very simple beginning and as we branch out, our lives become more cluttered and full.  Even when I think about my early quilting days, I started with a simple pattern, a few colours and quilting that blended into the background. As my quilting has progressed over the years, the patterns have become smaller, the quilting more detailed, more colours are being used, different threads and even the odd bead has been added.  I cherish those early memories, but also look forward to continuing on the road of creating more great memories in my future.

Techniques:    hand applique, hand embroidery (French knots, running stitch, whipped running stitch)
Materials:       commercial cottons, embroidery floss, beads, perle cotton thread


  1. This is just beautiful, Katie. I, too, can identify with a 'quilting journey' that started with something very different to work I'm doing now. I love the detail in your work and the gentleness it exudes.

  2. I really like your concept. A very clever way of putting it across. Beautiful handwork as always.

  3. Beautiful handwork, and delicate colours. It reminds me of an emrodered tablecloth my mother had made, with its flower-embrodery. How a memory from one life can release another from another life.

  4. Lovely work Katie, your needlework is amazing. I like your concept too.

  5. A wonderful collection of textures, and I like the stitching forming tangents to the circular motif.