Friday, January 31, 2014

The Three Musicians Unbalanced

For this challenge I decided that I would have a bit of fun playing on the work of Picasso, no less!
The Three Musicians is a painting which delights me in a number of ways including it's wonderful balance of warm and cool colours. In this quilt I attempted to proportion warm and cool in the same manner.
The quilt was made in a very free-form style. I had a wonderful time putting it together all the while learning much about the painting that it is based on.

quilted by Heidi Wulfraat


  1. Heidi, what an interesting idea, and quite different from your previous works. The colours are perfect representations of those in the painting, and the balance of shapes is well done.

  2. What a great idea, Heidi! I think you did a great job reinterpreting Picasso's painting and making your piece dynamic in its own right.

  3. I love this quilt. You did a wonderful job of disassembling the image but maintaining its spirit.

  4. My goodness - this is fabulous! Love the interpretation.

  5. So interesting, I am amazed that you matched your colours so well. Clever idea

  6. What a good idea to interpret a work of a painter you admire, in this very abstract way. Perhaps a coming theme for our group.
    A lovely quilt!