Sunday, April 13, 2014

Latitude Aussies finally meet!

Deborah & Linden at AQC 2014
After 18 months of 'getting to know' each other online through the Latitude Quilt group, Linden and I finally met, face-to-face yesterday.
Although we live in the same state of Australia, we are separated by some 3 hours drive, with Linden living in the north of the state and me in Melbourne. 

The Australasian Quilting Convention, being held over 4 days this weekend, brought Linden and her husband to Melbourne, giving us the opportunity to rendezvous at the Expo.  We met up for coffee and a bite of lunch, both ready to sit and rest our weary feet for a while! 

AQC is a combined Expo, quilt show and convention of workshops, seminars and other activities. There is something for everyone, and a feast of fabrics, quilting gadgets, patterns, machines and books to tempt all who venture through the doors! To see some of the amazing quilts that were on show, visit the AQC website. Linden has a couple of beautiful quilts on display this year - it was worth a visit just to see them! 

Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
The Royal Exhibition Buildings are World Heritage listed, featuring some of Melbourne's fine early architecture. It is a large, impressive space, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by beautiful gardens (and some treasured elm trees that have not been exposed to the devastation of Dutch Elm disease), so well suited to an event such as this.

Linden and I spent a lovely hour or so chatting about family, life, music and - of course - quilting! We both agreed that it is so lovely that the Latitude quilt group has brought together two people who may never otherwise have met, even though we live in the same (somewhat vast) country!



  1. How wonderful to be able to meet! I would love to meet each and everyone of the group in person some day!

  2. So happy you were able to meet! Sounds lovely

  3. Good to see you together having fun. There's nothing like shared interests!

  4. You are looking great! It is so nice to meet internet friends in real life!