Thursday, July 31, 2014


When I read the theme of our new challenge two months ago I immidiately remenbered a sketchbook exercise that was part of the Creative Quiltmaking course I took a few years ago. We had to create an arrangement of a selected shape on the page then cut it out partially and fold it in order to see the page below.
After dismissing a few other ideas I took my sketchbook and looked for this exercise, then started to find out how to turn this paper exercise into fabric.

I replaced paper with lutradur to get enough stifness to be able to fold the partially cut-out shapes. I first painted the lutradur with setacolor paint. As the sprayed ink I had used in my sketchbook flowed I used wax pastels to paint the heart shapes, a dark red for the bigger ones on the yellow lutradur and a light pink for the small hearts on the dark pink lutradur. I first painted and cut out the big heart then put the second layer under the first one in order to align both hearts. Like in y sketchbook I cut the bigger heart in the middle to open it like a window to both sides and left a small bridge in the middle of the smaller heart.
Both lutradur layers were stitched between the top fabric layer (the surface) and a bottom fabric layer plus batting and backing.
Contrary to my sketchbook work I didn't cut out a window in the top layer. Instead I left a flap I was able to roll open more or less over the hearts to accentuate the idea of layers, that the heart shapes are under the layer of green fabric. I added a few stitched squares to give the impression that one cannot see everywhere what is under the surface and has to imagine it.

commercial hand dyed cotton fabric
polyester batting
cotton thread
fabric paint and wax pastels


PS the picture of mmy sketchbook page for this quilt is still in the gallery of Creative Quiltmaking on the homepage of Linda Kemshall.


  1. A very nice idea and very well carried out. I like that you were able to adapt this technique to fabric so well.

  2. I went back to look at your sketchbook, and you have used the ideas to translate into fabric well, using the lutradur. Your cutting is very accurate as well, which adds to the quality of the finish.

  3. Found your sketchbookpage, and you have managed to transfer this into fabric in an excellent way

  4. I like the way you open each heart to show a pink interior - it brings to mind a 'living' heart inside each of us!

  5. What an unusual idea, I love the way you revealed your design too. This has really worked and the hearts are striking against the green. It almost has the feel of a pop up or lift the flap book. I so wish they came for adults, this is a perfect quilt version

  6. Clever of you being able to translate your paperwork into fabric. Using Lutradur in the piece added extra texture to it. Letting some squares being just squares gives the piece a bit of mystery. I really like your use of complementary color.

  7. Clever, clever, clever ....and cute! It is so good when can utilize our resources from past sources and ideas. The way you have presented the photos on the page lead the viewer from one suprise to the next.

  8. Lovely idea Sabine and well executed into fabric.

  9. A beautiful piece. It is interesting, that you can change the look rolling the flaps more or less.