Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gradus ad Edinburgh

My extreme quilt was based on a photo of the Edinburgh skyline. It was inspired by a study of Paul Klee's Ad Parnassum in which he successfully abstracts the shape of the building and infuses it with detailed colour. This was combined with work done for a class with Lisa Call looking at repetition in rhythm and flow. The exercises were completed with a view to creating a design that could be used for this quilt. Two designs were created, one using extreme colour and the other using line and extreme lack of colour.

The background is the cap from a red/green bucket exchange dye, there is no way of telling what will be created with these caps. It was added to the bucket about half an hour after the first fabrics were immersed and is a silk noile. The colour shows subtle shifts from green to red, the perfect texture and colour for walls. The black lines are created using a variety of threads from a black Oliver Twist thread pack. Stitched with 50 weight thread and backed with hand dyed fabric from the same bucket. It is faced, a new technique for me and one which I like and may use for Edinburgh Sunset


  1. Ha ha you have completed the fourth challenge idea as well! Very interesting effect of the quilting on conveying the essential components of buildings. I can see Lisa's influence - has she seen it? Very successful, and so interesting to see how you can imagine this is just a section of a much larger work as it has no boundaries.

  2. I think you have made a very successful piece of art Margy, with its restriction in color, shapes and lines and so graphic! You really can see Lisa´s influence in it, as Julia says. I admire your way you have managed to make the abstraction of the skyline. I cannot wait to see your next quilt.