Monday, November 30, 2015

Ashmead's Kernal

For my last quilt in the 2015 series I have continued to design and develop in Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 (which happily continues to work well under Windows 10). I was able to pick and photograph apples from the tree in my garden for this piece so it really does feel like it is completely my own home grown piece of work.

As the challenge for this piece is 'Reflection' I decided to play with the Reflection Effects in the software. There are so many variables to try that in the end I just rolled the dice until I came up with several pictures that I liked. Then I just chose my two favourites and added a Distortion Ripple Effect to the lower one. Examples below...

Reflection pattern
Reflection pattern with ripple

Reflection kaleidoscope
Reflection kaleidoscope with ripple

Once I had settled on the final two background pictures I superimposed my apples over them and I printed them out on TAP and ironed this onto white cotton. It is difficult to make the joins disappear and I used watercolour pencils to try and hide any small gaps. 
I applied Golden Soft Gel Medium with a small paintbrush and let it dry and then ironed on gold and silver foil. 
Finally I dusted lightly with some pearly and bronzey markal sticks.
The piece was then ironed onto felt with mistyfuse and quilted with YLI machine quilting cotton in Dusk.

It might interest you to know that I am not very good at visualising which is why I find PaintShop Pro so useful in the design process. Unless I have done something before I cannot imagine what it is going to look like so I do a lot of  'what if', trial and error and test pieces along the way to finalising my piece.


  1. Nicole, this has a really warm, complex colour range. Your background adds a lot of texture without detracting from your subject. As usual, you have shown real creativity with your computer program, and the distort filter really makes the reflection pop.

  2. Amazing combination of so many techniques! Great job, Nicole!

  3. Nicole, I am very impressed of your way to use the computer in your work. For me this is very challenging. I really like this way of using the computer in artwork. I think you have come up with a very interesting piece of art. Thank you so much for describing so well your process of working.