Friday, May 31, 2013

Spin the Wheel of Chance

Katie Pidgeon, Spin the Wheel of Chance and "Make Your Mark"

Spin the wheel of chance and “Make Your Mark”

This has probably been my most challenging quilt theme.  Throughout the past few weeks, I have been thinking if I have “made my mark” and I’m not sure. I don’t think we are the makers of our fate; rather, it’s the people around us that ultimately defines who we become.  So, my quilt is a wheel of chance you can see at fairs.  You never know where it will land, but sometimes you need to spin again.

Techniques:    hand embroidery (French knots, running stitch, whipped running stitch)
Materials:       whole cloth, pencil crayons, shiva sticks, buttons, perle cotton thread
Date:               May 31, 2013

Size:                15 inches x 15 inches

Katie Pidgeon


  1. Katie, this is fun but carries quite a powerful message. Love all the hand quilting and playful colours

  2. I like the sentiment. Beautiful handstitching as always.

  3. I love all the different stitches. A fun piece with an interesting message.

  4. What an interesting idea! I find the question marks make me wonder what your other personas might turn out to be - pole dancer? arctic explorer? You have captured the multi-tasking dilemma beautifully with your stitching.

  5. Great quilt piece. The stitching and shiva lettering add variety and the question marks draw one in. I also think it is an interesting idea.

  6. You're totally right, Pamela; we leave our mark in so many ways depending on the different aspects of our life. Love the notion of how chance affects how we make our mark, too.

  7. Great idea and interesting interpretation!