Friday, May 31, 2013

Where I Left My Mark

Margy's theme 'Leave Your Mark' has been a very special challenge 
as we all leave our marks every day and in many ways.

Beside the mark we make through our children very few of us will leave a mark 
that will survive even through few generations. 

I have tried to capture mankind's ephemeral presence on earth in my quilt 
by leaving my fingerprints on this pond.

Technique: Procion MX dyed cotton with stencilled acrylic paint.
Machine embroidery with tulle and machine quilting.

Other designs can be seen on my blog.


  1. Gurli, this is so fabulous. The composition works brilliantly and the different stitch marks convey so much with so little. Perfection. Pity that we won't be seeing more of your work here.

  2. Gurli, this is beautiful, the colour scheme and stitched marks work perfectly to convey your idea

  3. Very delicate and impermanent looking. Well done!

  4. Beautiful quilt, Gurli. Love to have it on my wall!

  5. Gurli what a fabulous quilt. Really gives a feeling of impermanence of human life.

  6. Again, a lovely subtle piece, Gurli!

  7. The delicacy expressed in your quilt is in perfect step with the ephemeral quality you were hoping to convey. Lovely!

  8. Great! The water looks amazing!

  9. This piece is just so wonderful. Something that draws the eye back again and again.