Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunshine and Picnics

Many apologies to all the Latitude Quilters -- I am very late on my "Escape" reveal -- but many thanks to them for understanding my difficulties.  In November I suffered a fractured tailbone, making any sort of art-related work out of the question.  Family difficulties at the start of the year kept me away even longer.

I've finally been able to get back into the studio and, pressed for time, I changed course.  My original idea for "Escape" was very cool, but would have taken more time than I felt appropriate; I didn't want to continue to keep my fellow members waiting.

As a result, I decided to piece a small quilt to remind me of one of my favorite summer "escape" activities: picnics.  Piecing seems to reflect best those days when picnics are a special treat, with a homemade cloth spread out on the lawn.  I love picnics on gentle summer days with puffy clouds, so yellow and white became the color palette.

In my hope to get the quilt done quickly I didn't take as much care as I should have; I pieced one section backwards.  Rather than take the section apart and resew it, I chose to cover up the error.  Now there's grass peeking up along the edge of the quilt, just like it might at a picnic.  (I have to wonder if I was influenced by the bit of green I've spied alongside mounds of melting snow.)  As it turns out, I think the quilt has a bit more charm now.


  1. The grass definitely adds the finishing touch and transforms a simple piecing into an evocative piece of art!

  2. This grass really gives the feeling of a summer-escape. Forget the error...

  3. Bravo, Vivien! I think this is my favorite piece so far . I really like the piecing and colour palette but I think your little faux pas was very serendipitous. The grass is the finishing touch and adds a spark of colour and helps define the idea of a picnic. Great work on the quilting!

  4. It's beautiful Vivien.
    ... wishing you sunshine, warmth and peace in the spring to come.

  5. Vivien, this is a breath of summer. The quilt design is perfect for a summer day with the little daisies echoing those in the grass. The fabrics are really cute to. Congratulations, this is a great quilt so glad you made it