Thursday, June 12, 2014

Under the Surface...

What a great theme chosen by Ann Mari!...This is the challenge I have been waiting for...I love to get up close and personal with nature both physically and in my art work, so I think this is the way I will go with this theme. Getting down to the cellular level is something I have always been very interested in, so this challenge suits me to a T!

The two artists that Ann Mari mentioned are truly inspirational and only goes to remind me how far I have to go! As I was scouring the internet this morning (yes, finally my internet has been restored!) I found an article about an exhibition that was done through SAQA a couple of years ago called 'Art meets Science' which may provide some additional inspiration for this theme:

Art Meets Science  

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.
June 11 – September 5, 2012

Art Meets Science, organized by the Studio Art Quilt Association, features thirty-five textiles by international artists—all masters in transforming quilt making into art making. Collectively, the textiles draw upon scientific theories or phenomena in new and unexpected ways. They illustrate, with strikingly visual impact, a gamut of scientific ideas, from the harmonies of randomness to the dynamics produced by scientific imagery. Many of the quilts are inspired by the "world unseen"—microscopic reflections of viruses, bacteria, and other cellular forms. David W. Fraser, M.D., the exhibition juror and a textile expert, is also an epidemiologist who was one of the leaders of CDC's Legionnaires' disease investigation in 1976-77.

Photo: Anita Welty, Virus H5N1, 2009Photo: Virginia Abrams, Lipid Cells, 2009.
Left: Anita Welty, Virus H5N1, 2009. Right: Virginia Abrams, Lipid Cells, 2009.

To see more, check out the following link:

Happy quilting!


  1. Lipid cells are fat cells. Somehow I've never imagined mine to be so beautiful. And they say that beauty is only skin deep!

  2. I am so glad you liked the theme that I have chosen and thank you so much for the interesting links you shared. I am really looking forward to see the July quilts.