Sunday, June 1, 2014

Next challenge theme: UNDER THE SURFACE

I think there will be many interpretations to ponder about:
- under the surface of the see
- under the earth crust
-under our skin and perhaps also
- under our personality.
Those are some possible ways to interpreat the theme I have thought about and there are certainly many more ways to approach it and develop it into into a piece of art.

Examples of artists I am thinking of that have explored the wonderful microcosmos under our skin are:
Karen Kamenetzky  -  and
Betty Busby -

I admire their quilts!

Hope you find this theme exciting and makes your artist juices flow!


  1. Thanks, Ann-Marie - I'm going to enjoy this one!

  2. Great theme...hmmm...many possibilities come to mind.

  3. Love it. My mind is already very busy

  4. I just had a look at Karen Kamenenetzkys homepage. I can understand why you like her quilts. They are so vibrant with colors.