Friday, March 13, 2015

Techniques used for Dragonfly in Green

Nicole asked me to explain in more depth how I got my original image for my last piece, so here goes.

The original image came from a gelli block print on white cotton fabric. I printed the dragonfly on plain copy paper, cut around the edges and then placed it on the pre-dye/print pasted gelli block. I then took the end of a small paint brush and drew around the lines of the image. I peeled the paper away and transferred the image to the white cotton.

Dragonfly print - Amanda Sievers

Once dry, I ironed and scanned the fabric. I tend to do this with a lot of the fabric I produce so that I can then use the image multiple times to either print onto fabric using the printer or to manipulate on the computer and then print or use as an image transfer before cutting the original fabric.

After scanning, I manipulated this image on my computer using Paint Shop Pro 7. I did several manipulations until I was happy with this one.

For 'Dragonfly in Green', I used the 'ImageSplitter' application which you can find easily on the internet. I sized the image and then split the image into 6 x A4 sheets which I printed on my laser printer. I then transferred the image using Amsterdam Matte Medium onto white sheer polyester.

Once dry, you soak and then rub off the excess paper from the back, and voila, you have your image to quilt!
Dragonfly in Green - Amanda Sievers

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  1. Wow. Thanks Amanda. That sounds quite complicated, but also good fun. I am definitely going to have a go. The results are well worth the effort.