Monday, April 6, 2015

Working in a Series, some thoughts

Some of our members have done classes with respected teachers on working in a series. It is generally accepted that this way of working will help any artist to uncover elements that have personal meaning, which will in turn produce a body of work that has artistic integrity.

I came across an artist recently whose paintings could easily have been expressed in fabric and stitch.

Valeriane Leblond is of French/Quebec origin and now lives in Wales. Her paintings are often oil on various wooden substrates. She has been exploring her adopted homeland since 2007. Her landscapes have a fresh charm, and encapsulate the essential features of Welsh rural and coastal life.

The way she works illustrates how we can explore a subject by using different scales, colour palettes, horizon lines and all the design elements, such as rhythm, repetition, harmony, that we read about in our Art and Design manuals and course notes.

I will give the works their English titles, as the original titles are in Welsh. When I look at these paintings I can so easily imagine the quilting lines, hand stitching and textures.

Would that it was still summer
There is no catch

ebb and flow
autumn equinox

gold moon

Notice that there are traditional quilts featured in some of her paintings - a bonus!

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