Sunday, May 31, 2015

100 King Street

It was interesting to compare the Art Deco movement in the UK with that in America where buildings sweep into the sky with great power and confidence in the future. Buildings in the UK seem to  sprawl, there is a gentler feeling they settle into the landscape and don't challenge or dominate the history and environment around them.

Posters from this time follow the trend, images soar upwards using perspective to enhance that feeling and express confidence and the promise of the future, colours tend to be limited and lines are clean in their design, and that was what I wanted to capture in my piece.

100 King Street was designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928 for Midland Bank and was constructed in 1933-35. It is classified as either Art Deco or Modernist Classical depending on the reference site. At four stories high this building reaches up from the four roads that surround it. The lovely angles gave me the opportunity to once again play with perspective, this time using 3 point, and exaggerate that height. This time looking looking inwards through the windows I filled the building with silver and gold a nod to the wealth and lights burning brightly as people go about their business.

Materials used: Commercial fabric customised with Inktense pencils, blocks and fabric paints, metallic voile, netting, screen print, machine appliqué and quilting

screen print through freezer paper stencil


  1. This is great, Margy - you've really captured the style. I love it!

  2. Mary
    I think the way you are interpreting your theme each time is stunning. I hope you will build an exhibition out of these works. Julia

  3. Only three colors and how stylish!

  4. Margy this is really a wonderful interpretation of the theme. The restraint
    use and choice of colors, the graphic impression and the so appropriate
    fonts in gold. This piece gives me goose pimples!