Tuesday, June 2, 2015

City flowerbeds and oriental tiles

May be you have noticed that I like circles and wavy lines. 

So I‘ve decided to use these shapes for Art Deco theme.

After the design forms were chosen it was time to find the main idea of my “city” quilt.

I live in a very green city with a lot of flowerbeds and at the same time we have many building with oriental tiles and I decided to combine these two beauties in one quilt.


  1. Llyuda this is beautiful, love the combination of circles with squares, and the colour flow. Great quilting pattern choice on the flowers

  2. Your colours and shapes have a lovely freshness. I can imagine your city through your interpretation, though I have never seen a photo of it. I recently went to an exhibition of Sonia Delaney at Tate Modern. Her geometric patterns from the 1930s have a lot in common with this piece.

  3. Very fresh and colorful. Exciting interplay between circles and lines.