Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rosehip Seeds

I wanted to produce something in the American Art Deco style for this challenge. My original idea was to design a seed packet which fits in with my theme of fruits and seeds quite nicely. As I progressed though, it seems to have metamorphosed into a poster.

I created the final design in PaintShop Photo Pro X3 using vector graphics and then used this as a template for the piecing.

The rosehip was made separately using a reverse appliqué method and then attached to the background as a whole.

All the fabric except the black is hand dyed by me as per Helen Deighan’s method for graduated effects from her book Dyeing in Plastic Bags.  

The lettering was achieved by printing onto Artist Transfer Paper (ATP) and ironing this on.

I decided not to do lots of free machine embroidery on this piece as I wanted to keep it clean and simple.

This closeup shows how the yellow fabric has been left around the seeds during the process of  reverse appliqué


  1. The curves on the rosehip are beautiful and the colour gradations are very clear. This looks so good, colours, shape and line all form a striking quilt

  2. I couldn't imagine what your challenge piece would be after our conversation, but it has quite a dramatic impact. The black and the raw edge stitching add a spontaneity to the seeds. Lovely composition too.

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  4. Black outlines rule the quilt! Great!

  5. Very clean and elegant!
    An excellent choice of fonts. (Thank´s for the tip of using ATP).
    The choice of colors together with the black makes the quilt stand out.
    A lovely example of an Art Deco poster.