Saturday, November 30, 2013

Escape Route

November 2013 Challenge "Escape"

My challenge is called "Escape Route".  I find that one should always know a way out of something.  Be it a back door, a friend you can call at the last minute to help or having a time-out.  Everyone needs to know where to go and the route.  

I have used crazy blocks as my foundation as it conveys that life is busy and in each square I have filled them with seed and bugle beads, pearle cotton threads and silk ribbon for the embellishments.  Only one pink ribbon has a clear path to the flower, oh an "Escape Route”.
Escape Route - Katie Pidgeon

Escape \Route - detail


  1. Katie, there is a lot of subtlety in your background, which would be great to see in real life. The happy pink lines leading to your safe place or person really pop, and give the viewer a challenge to find the right track.

  2. I like your use of the maze and the happy upbeat colours of your quilt. As always a beautiful use of stitch to add texture and interest.

  3. You always add such beautiful embroidery to your pieces. Here, I like to think that they're representative of the nice things we may encounter along the way, even if we don't exactly make it to our goal.

  4. I think your concept for this theme is excellent. Your background is lovely, I too would like to see this up closer. The 'escape route' really pops out from the piece.

  5. Great contrast been the crazy pieced sombre colors of the background and the bright pink structured 'maze like' lines. The flower is cute!

  6. There is a sumptuous use of texture conveyed through stitch and beadwork. Oh I want to see this in more detail. I love the use of the hexagon and tiny prairie points on the flower, hats off to you and your nimble fingers. It is lovely