Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tempus Effugere


Escaping time is one of the joys of creating your own fabric and working with it. It is time consuming but brings pleasure as the imagery and texture develop and the final touches are added.

The quilt was an escape from the tumult of daily life as the various processes and hand quilting required focussed attention. It was also an exploration of several new processes, and a way of working with art cloth to transform it into a quilt.



Tray Dye with Procion dyes; screen print using textile inks and thickened Procion dyes;  discharge with Jaquard Discharge Paste; Stamping; screen print through freezer paper stencil; gold leaf; hand and machine quilting


  1. Margy, this shows your skill as a dyer, and it's great to see you using the gold leaf idea from Laura. And you have the patience with seed stitch - the whole thing works so well.

  2. I really love your use of colour and design in this one, Margy. Your stitching is beautiful. I think you came up with a great concept, escaping time is a wonderful idea.

  3. You have succeeded in using a very difficult piece of art cloth in a very effective way. Very well done.

  4. The combination of techniques in this quilt is delicious:)
    You have me inspired to work on dyeing some cloth. The gear shadow is just wonderful.
    ...and the thought of escaping time is not so bad either.
    I love it.

  5. The colors of your quilt are luscious. I love the way that you escape time by having the numbers fall off the clock!

  6. Your work is always so interesting! The colours and imagery are wonderful.

  7. A beautiful piece Margy. Rich in layers and colour. It was worth persevering with. I would certainly have it on my wall!