Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach, Bali

So many differnt interpretations came to my mind when I learned about our new theme. Quilting in itself is an escape for me, as it is probably for the other members of this group. But also reading, listening to music, dreaming can be ways to escape the demands of everyday life. And of course traveling.
My husband and I enjoyed traveling before we had children. My favorite place of all we have been to is the indonesian island of Bali, and not only because of the wonderful batik fabrics produced there. The people are so friendly, you really get the feeling it still comes from the heart and not because as a tourist they hope you will buy something or leave a good tip. As we were staying in a hotel in Jimbaran we often went to some fishermen's restaurant directly on the beach in Jimbaran. There we would sit at the table, barefoots in the sand and enjoy a wonderful meal while watching the sun sut in front of us.
I hope to return to this wonderful island one day when our children are older. For the present time I can only escape there in toughts. The memories of our vacation are still very present.

The background is made of commercial hand dyed fabrics by Heide Stoll-Weber. The black horizont line, the clouds, the sun and its reflection in the water are wool felt and machine felted to the background. The sun reflection is quilted with metallic thread to add more glitter.
cotton fabric
wool felt
polyester batting
metallic and polyester threads.



  1. Gorgeous colours, Sabine. I can imagine the stillness of the sunset in such an idyllic location.

  2. Sabine, this is such a simple quilt, but so evocative. The metallic threads work very well. The sea does shimmer

  3. A simple and elegant design and very well executed.

  4. Yes, I can absolutely imagine this special place, Sabine! I hope you can return some day.

  5. Your sunset is so like Bali - takes me back to my wonderful holiday there. You have captured the timelessness of the Balinese.

  6. This is a wonderful piece for escape, Sabine, you have captured the essence of the challenge beautifully and executed it with skill and flair. This also takes me back to Bali.

  7. Sabine, this piece really shimmers. Very peaceful.

  8. Great use of limited color palette. Well done again Sabine!