Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Frontiers

This quilt was strongly technique driven. When I read the title, “Space, the final frontier” played through my mind and just kept replaying every time I thought about a design or idea.
I wanted to explore new techniques, use new materials for this quilt and push boundaries a bit further. The top layer was started in a class with Pat Deacon, her technique seemed well suited to the theme. 


  1. I love it. So many details to discover. It seems I see something new whenever I look at the quilt. I would like to know what different technics you used. Die you use angelina fibers?

    1. Hi Sabine, details of the materials and techniques are in my artists statement

  2. There definitely is a blue influence on everyone! Love the shim and the FMQ. You are really amassing a good repertoire of techniques.

  3. The colours and texture are great - an interesting piece, with a sense of movement.

  4. Such a rich and interesting piece Margy. I love your design and it's complexity.

  5. Well done my sis, This is beautiful