Saturday, February 28, 2015

Etude 1

I like abstract pictures, fotos and quilts with a clear geometric design. In opposite to this strong formal design I like it when such quilts show details like fine quilting and/or  embroidery.
For this series I decided for rectangles as the main design element. 

When the colour "Green" was announced as theme for this quilt, I remembered that years ago I embroidered a semicircle with beads in green! I always wanted to integrate it in a little abstract quilt. Now its time had come :)).

The green fabrics in the quilt are selfdyed, the stripes of the background are scraps from old bought fabrics.

Only one semicircle in a quilt with straight lines looked odd, so I added two smaller semicircles. These pieces are made from painted bondaweb. I put some fabric scraps and Angelina on it and fused it with organza. When I embroidered it with some beads, sequins and handstitches.

Lines of green sequins connect the green rectangles, beaded semicircles and the background.

This quilt is 60 cm x 42 cm (24'' x 16,5''), the quilting is done by machine.


  1. This is a great use of the beading, Gabi. The sequins work really well to link the different components. You must have a lot of patience!

  2. Your choice of rectangle as a design element sounds very interesting.
    What a skillful piece of beading representing a very lovely focal point! With the rest of the beading you have managed to harmonize and balance the piece in a skillful way. Using some red as a complementary color in the background adds interest.

  3. Great abstract design, love that beaded circle and the textures of the other two. Interesting that you created depth in your quilt through colour and position of the rectangles, did you plan on that? You didn't mention it in your statement, it gives it such interest

  4. A beautiful mixture of rectangels and circles, the center beaded circle is gorgeous, and the beads and sequins brings it all together. I like this abstract piece.

  5. Lovely bead work and overall design, Gabi.

  6. I love the way the little sequins travel in and out of the rectangles. The combination of machine embroidery, hand stitching, sequins and beads is really effective.