Saturday, February 28, 2015

Green Leaves

The theme for this quilt was GREEN. As an inspiration I have used a photo of mine with a foliage of Eucalyptus leaves. A section of the photo that I thought had some interest was cropped and enlarged which helped to simplify it. As a background a grey satin cotton fabric was chosen in order to make the green leaves and the magenta, purple and violet leaves veins  stand out.
The quilt is pieced and the leaves are raw-edge machine appliqu├ęd and machine quilted. The perimeters of the leaves are hand stitched with gold thread and chain stitches and the background are hand quilted with seed stitches and gold threads in a kind of Kantha stitches.

Size 15 x 20 inches

Above are some close ups.
In order to get some differences in the texture I have machine quilted the leaves in different ways.


  1. This is very skilfully put together and your course has given you confidence with the semi-abstract design. The coloured leaf veins are unexpected, but add so much to the effect.

  2. Gorgeous! It's really quite striking and beautifully done.

  3. Love the graphic quality of the quilt. Those curving lines and the complementary colours make the quilt sing. The hand work as always is stunning

  4. Very nice, Ann Mari! I love the design and your quilting is, as usual, very skillful.

  5. This looks so professional. You have created a strong and interesting image. The colours you have chosen are rich and gorgeous and work really well together. The varied directions of the stitching, particularly the hand stitch, create shadows that give the piece texture. Lovely!