Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tulips in green

I love tulips. They have been blooming here in Bergen, Norway, since the spring of 1596. There even is a tulip that only exist in Norway, named Tulipa norvegica. So it was natural for me to make my personal theme for 2015 Tulips. And the group-challenge this time was green.
I am so fascinated by variety in the shapes of the flowers, they are so elegant.

I decided to use this sage-green fabric I had hand-dyed, as my background.
I made squares with oil-sticks, and in these frames I embroidered the tulip-heads with free-hand machine stitching, and added some stems and leaves. Then I filled the background with machine and hand quilting.
All in green, apart from the flowers which have a mix of black and very dark green thread.
Some close-ups:


  1. The oil stick frames the tulips so well and your combination of hand and machine quilting gives a lot of interest and depth.

  2. I admire your way of thread sketching the flowers and also your hand- and machine quilting.

  3. Love all the shapes you have created through the use of line, the background color blocks and quilting techniques create interesting textured frames for the flowers,beautiful

  4. Lovely work, Greta. The thread sketching is wonderful.

  5. Your piece just goes to show how effective simplicity can be. Less is definitely more. A happy row of tulips!