Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yellow Tulips

Tulips are such elegant flowers, simple in shapes and in so many wonderful colours. And since Art Deco is very simplified, it was a perfect match for my personal challenge, tulips. Looking through images from my garden, I settled on the one I used in an earlier challenge, LOVE, and used it as a template for raw edge applique, with hand dyed cotton.
As a background, I used something that reminded me of radioes from the 1930s, freehand cut and pieced commersial fabrics, on top of pale green linen.
 The quilting in the background is simply straight lines, the tulips are free hand machinequilted, with French knots.


  1. Love the idea of combining the tulips with the old radio shape, the colours work beautifully together and create the feel of a long ago era. The French knots provide a lovely detail that unites the flowers to the background, love the fragile quality of thos flowers

  2. What a great way to combine your favourite tulips with the stitching and shapes in your radio style background. The colours are so spring like, and the green is particularly well chosen.

  3. as a flowers lover I like, like, like it! Colors combination is great!

  4. There is really a feel of Art Deco and old times. The background quilting suites the theme very well and so does the different hues of brown.
    I like the tulips delicate quilting and french knots as a contrast to the straight lines in the background.