Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Buchstabensalat (Letter salat)

After reading our new theme almost two months ago I tought of our garden. As we have had rain every few days at least all summer all the wild flowers and plants grew well. But at the same time summer vacations started and with the children at home all day time to work on the quilt was very spare. Two weeks ago school began. My oldest is in second grade and in the first days at school the children revisited what they had learned last year.

I had used some letter stencils recently in an online class with Ineke Berlyn with ink sprays. With the beginning of the new school year I decided to use the again for my new quilt.
Instead of sprayed ink I worked with paintsticks. I used the stencils in several layers and with several paintstick colours. I never covered the whole stencil but always only parts to add to the wild impression. The final layer is made of single letters. Put together in order they spell my name.

The quilting lines were added at random like pencil lines across a piece of paper. Instead of clean binded edges I cut them with a pinky rotary cutter and left them raw.

Fabric: commercial and dyed cotton sateen fabric by Heide Stoll-Weber
Thread: cotton
Batting: polyester
Stenciled paintsticks



  1. The layering effect is skilfully done. You have a long name, so I haven't worked out exactly how to trace it within your piece, yet! There is lots to examine more closely, to find interesting visual textures.

  2. Very interesting piece, Sabine. Your layering is very effective.

  3. A fun piece, Sabine. You've inspired me to get my stencils out right now!

  4. Great idea Sabine, I love all the different fonts and sizes and the use of colour value to make your name stand out

  5. This is clever! A great interpretation of the theme.

  6. Thinking of the next theme, "Lettering" your idea of using stenciles is a great idea. Your way of using them and creating this piece is clever.
    I like the way you have cut the edges with a pinky rotary cutter blade.

  7. Very wild letters. It reminds my on my children beginning with school. At that time they only ate soup with noodle letters.