Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'Wild Thing' by Linden Lancaster

Wild Thing by Linden Lancaster 2014

These extra-ordinary 'Leaf Sea Dragons' are my favourite exhibit at the Melbourne Aquarium. How can such a creature be real?
Fabric was firstly fused to the hand-dyed background, then enhanced with Inktense pencils and a little metallic paint.
I then free-motioned quilted the piece to add depth and secure the raw edges. A few Angelina threads trapped in the quilting adds a little sparkle.

'Wild Thing' detail  by Linden Lancaster 2014


  1. Gorgeous colours, Linden, with the sea dragon luminous in the inky deep. Nice stitching too.

  2. What a wonderful fellow! I too love these amazing creatures. Wonderful palette and quilting design.

  3. This little seahorse is stunning, love the way you caught the delicate fronds and the great colours. Just wish we could see him in person

  4. What a lovely "fairytale" creature. It is hard to think he is "real". Lovely use of colors. Dark blue at the bottom and lighter blue towards the surface and then the diagonal direction of the sea dragon in complementary colors. A lovely piece.

  5. Simply stunning - I don't know what else to say! Love, love, love it!

  6. What a fantastic creature. The colours of your quilt are gorgeous. I couldn't believe that it gives such an animal in reality, so I looked on google.