Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wild Scraps

Gabriele Bach - Wild Scraps 

Wild Scraps - detail
When I read the theme for this challenge, I thought, I just have made a real wild quilt. "Backside Mystery", my quilt for the last challenge, is wild.
Ok, this is a new challenge, there are waiting more "wild" ideas. See also my post "TOO MUCH" .
I have a box full of little fabric scraps, which I can't throw away. I often try to use them but it is very difficult. They are a wild mixture of colour, pattern and style. Now their chance had come. I looked for dark red scraps and used them just in the size they were. With some trying I got a pleasing design. Again the seam allowances are on the right side and the thread ends are not hided, but short cut. 
I embellished the quilt with little red feltballs and when I embroidered very much beads. Sometimes I throw a lot of beads on my quilts and then I don't have the heart to embroider them. I fear it may be to much. This time I did the opposite and got wild with embroidering beads. I just set a space, there the beads should be.

The background is self dyed cotton.


  1. Gabi, I love your wild petals and beads. This is very successful, and it is wonderful that your red scraps continue to inspire you.

  2. You have such skill with geometrics, Gabi. Your embellishment gives the piece interest and a delicate nature amongst the bold shapes.

  3. The felt balls are very wild! Looks great also when you stand back from a distance.

  4. There is something about this that makes me want to keep looking at it! I think it's the movement and energy created by the felt balls and beads.

  5. Gabi this is a clever interesting piece. The raw edges of the blocks contrast with the neat balls and beads. They are enhanced by the different patterns on those red squares and the beautiful clean lines of the quilting it is gorgeous and rich in visual texture