Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here Be Dragons

Wild was a great opportunity to conciously explore abstract design and then colour it using all the colours of the rainbow, paying attention to Design Principals. 
It started well, three sheets of paper, black, white and grey were cut freehand using an 80/20 proportion of curved to straight lines. That was hard, the ratio went off but never mind, it's freehand.
Some of these pieces were then arranged and pasted on an A4 sheet of white paper: Good design, good balance of value. It's still abstract and my brain is creating shapes, a boat on a surging storm wave! Rearrange them to a square format and it looks even better. I really am being quite wild in staying on track.
 Here is where it all took on a life of it's own, no wild colour, crazy quilting, beading or metallic threads. At this point the complimentary colour scheme, restrained quilting, beading and metallic threads insisted on their presence, Here on the edge of design Be Dragons.

Techniques: Appliqué, beading, metallic threads, machine and hand quilting, commercial and hand dyed cottons


  1. Margy, this is a great design exemplar, and I like the beading effects in just some areas. It looks like you had fun working with shapes.

  2. A wonderfully strong design and palette. There is a real sense of movement in your quilt. Lovely work!

  3. Margy, such an interesting piece. Abstact is not easy. Well done. When I read your title I thought that we may have done the same thing again!

  4. So effective - the bold design and limited colour palette on the white ground. I really like this!

  5. You began very theoretical and end up with a beautiful quilt.