Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feel the Difference

This was the most difficult theme for me.
Letters are not my passion and I've never payed attention to it. But after announcing this theme I’ve looked around and noticed the multiplicity of letters’ types. Letters were everywhere! But no any idea for quilt...
What word to use? What letters? Ideas where are you?

I’m teaching basic patchwork and new student started course one week ago. Before cutting the fabrics we cut away the edges. Wow! How beautiful was lettering there! Yes, I will use fabric edges in my quilt!
But letters can be so different. I remember that I have a piece of fabric from the Soviet period. It was labels, which were used at money factory to sew on cash bags. How great was the Difference between these letters: so fancy on fabric edges and so official on labels.

Materials: commercial fabric edges.

Technique: quilt as you go.


  1. Great idea. I love the contrast between the fabric edges and the labels. The colourful edges seem to sparkle beside the labels. The contrast gives a lot of interest to the quilts.

  2. Great quilt Lyuda, love the offset between the alternating colourful and white strips and the formal labels. It makes an amazing commentary on life, what we do for pleasure and what we do for work

  3. Love the colours and it's a great use for something we would otherwise throw away!

  4. Really good ideas Lynda. What does the Russian say? I think nickel coins, but I didn't study Russian for long.the contrasts between east and west is very clear..

  5. Really interesting idea, Lyuda and wonderful use of scraps we would normally throw away. The contrast you have achieved not only in the palette but of the idea behind it is really wonderful.

  6. Excellent idea to combine old and new letters and you have put the rows of the selvage fabrics horizontal and the old Russian labels vertical which adds interest. Well done