Friday, November 21, 2014

Letters and Records

I love text, I collect images of text, they are scattered all around on the phone, computer, external hard drive, Pinterest and in boxes. By now you have probably guessed that they can't be found when they are needed for inspiration.

This Challenge brought home the need for a Sketchbook collection or an electronic file clearly labelled Print/typeface/signs. The thing is how do you store a double spread broad sheet page together with a drink can and all the in betweens safely and without loosing the integrity of the original item.

Letterbox and Bar  window found down a back alley in Winchester

Alongside all the images of text sit the stencils both commercial and home made and the small selection of news print stamps found on Portobello road in a little antique reclamation shop. They were used for the first time in this challenge.
Fancy a sneak peak, here it is complete with spelling errors and placement mistakes.

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