Sunday, November 30, 2014

For Galskapen heng i det grøne, og Eplet er raudt utan synd

When the challenge came, I thought this was just my thing. I love letters and writing, and often try to incorporate it in my work. So I looked through my sketchbooks for inspiration, and at once found my quote. It is from a poem by the Norwegian author Jon Fosse and in Norwegian it goes: "For galskapen heng i det grøne, og eplet er raudt utan synd". Translated to English it says something like: "For the madness is hanging in the green, and the apple is red without sinn". I had already a rough idea of how to interpret it, and for a long time, I had wanted to try to embroider lettering in the style of Lorina Bulwer. I had found somewhere on the internet a tutorial of how tom make letters like hers easy, and decided to use it this time.
What colours to use were easy to pick, I needle-turn appliqued  the apple, machine quilted the piece simple with free straight lines before I embroidered the lettering and finished it all with some simple hand-stitches. And framed it all with the colour of the apple.
Because the quote is Norwegian, as my native language is, I decided to keep both the text in the quilt and the title in Norwegian.

and a close up:


  1. Greta, I envy your ability to make something meaningful from these challenges, with subtlety and effectiveness.

  2. The balance and proportions of your colours re perfect. The vertical stitching both machine and hand works well and I am amazed the your lettering is so clear even though small in size.

  3. Beautiful quilt Greta. The mix of hand and machine stitch adds lovely texture and interest

  4. This is a lovely elegant piece that has so much depth and meaning. Your lettering technique is very skillful.

  5. Your hand embroidered letters harmony so very well with the over all simple design. Hand embroidery together with machine embroidery works very well together as it adds a lot of texture to the work. I like the simplicity you have obtained in your lovely piece.