Sunday, November 16, 2014

Trip to Saint-Petersburg

I really love this city and try to use any possibility to travel there. This time the reasons were to visit my son and participate in International Quilt Forum.

Most days the weather was really bad but the beauty of the city and many amazing quilts made my trip wonderful.

There are some photos of the city.
The most beautiful Cathedral of the city:

The show window of the oldest gourmet:
all figures are dancing

And now some quilts from the show.

Quilts by Irina Voronina:

Series quilts by quilt club of Lyudmila Galumova "Olympic Colors":

Series quilts by quilt club from Murmansk "Temptation":

Series quilts by quilt club of Lyudmila Galumova "Flowers" (1x1m):


  1. Llyuda thank you for sharing these images with us. St Petersburg is beautiful and the quilts are amazing. The colour work and design is so different to what we see here, rich, textured and embellished wonderful. Love the amazing group work

  2. What sizes are these quilts, I'm guessing from the amount of detail they are quite large?

  3. Interesting to see that Russian quilts are still so different from ours. I went to Moscow and St Petersburg in 1995 when my sister was living in Moscow. I was lucky to be invited into the home of a quilter and I saw a lot of quilts for sale at the market on the former Olympic games site. But the really good ones were some I photographed in a shop window. The style is very distinctive.

  4. Margy, the height of the "Olympic colors" quilts is about 160-180 cm

  5. Thank you for sharing those lovely colourful quilts with us. I especially like the Quilts by Irina Voronina.