Monday, August 31, 2015

Falling Leaves


This quilt is the third in a series that will consist of four or perhaps more quilts with the theme LEAVES.

The challenge this time was EXTREME.
At first I thought of heavy embellishment with lots beads and embroidery, but finally I come to think of some design guidelines.

Simplify, Exaggerate and Repeat. For example, simplify your images, exaggerate the contrast, repeat images, colors and similar shapes and lines.

The inspiration photo is the foliage of an eucalyptus tree. See below.

I have tried to simplify the image, exaggerate the contrast with just a few colors with high contrast among them, repeated the colors and repeated similar shapes.
Although I am not sure that this quilt can be called Extreme, perhaps only by comparison with my two first "Leaf Quilts".

The background is a commercial cotton fabric. The red dot come with the fabric, as well as the red raw edged appliquéd circles, that I have cut out from other parts of the background fabric. The light leaves and dots are white cotton stamped and stenciled with gold, bronze and black acrylic paint by means of a Gelli Plate.

The background leaves are painted with a gold Markal Oil Paintstick and machine quilted with a gold metallic thread.


  1. Ann-Mari, I just love the textures and surface designs on your white leaves. The amount of red is perfect to offset the black and white and gold of the leaves. It is stunning.

  2. I can repeat Julia's word by word! Very,very stunning!

  3. Another gorgeous quilt and so different to the other two. The contrasting colours catch the eye immediately and then the gelli plate decorations keeps the interest going.

  4. Wow, this is such a contrast to your other quilts, yet carries your stamp. The subtlety of the gold leaves provides a rich background for the white leaves. I love the hint of the branches and the seed heads/flowers conveyed by the red fabric, it injects interest into the piece. And that stunning texture on the white leaves is great.