Monday, August 31, 2015

Pineapple Emerging

 I decided to continue with my method of designing in PaintShop Pro with the aim of producing something very bright and rather abstract. I eventually settled on a very simplified design of a pineapple set against a background of kiwi fruit cross sections. I love fresh pineapple, but am allergic to it and get a more extreme reaction to it every time I eat it.

I started with a simple drawing of a pineapple which I scanned in and then I found a good picture of kiwi fruit. I manipulated the kiwi fruit picture and then changed the colour of the pineapple and the leaves to differentiate it from the background. 

 I used TAP for the lettering on my last quilt, but I have never used it for a whole quilt and I have never had to match and join sections of a picture onto fabric. It’s quite difficult and I did mess it up a bit. I have since worked out how to crop accurate section for printing and to join them together with masking tape before ironing it all on to the fabric in one big go.

My intention was to do some dense quilting over the background in a light colour to knock it back and make the pineapple pop out, but this did not work as effectively as I had hoped. To rectify this I had to reinforce the stitched black outline of the pineapple with a black pen and then go over the background with a pearl-white Markal stick. If I'd had time to practice I would have faded out the background before printing it.

Reverse view


  1. Interesting to see how your photo editing leads to visual collages. The pineapple shape is very striking, and the colours of the two fruits remind me of Alexander McQueen's digital fabrics in his last collection, Atlantis.

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  3. Very interesting transformation of foto! The quilting is so delicious!

  4. My congratulations to you Nicole, to have produced such a lovely quilt. It is amazing what you can do with a photo editing program. I am trying hard with PSE, but you are far ahead! I understand that this mosaic pineapple was hard to do, but you really have done a great job! The quilt is lovely!

  5. Love the boldness and vibrant colours of this design. The pineapple shape is wonderful. I'm rather glad you didn't fade out the background more, I like the balance and contrast in colour it provides. Fantastic background quilting! What next I wonder!