Monday, August 31, 2015

Sun, rain and mudflow

This summer in our city was the hottest for the last 135 years. The average temperature was +38 C. Sometimes it was unusual rain with hail and the size of it was as cherry. Besides that it was several big mudflows at the mountains and some of it reached the city. Fortunately nobody was killed. Some houses and cars were ruined.  

As I live at the foothill the whole July and August we went to bed having our documents under the pillow in case of emergency of mudflow.
So it was really extreme summer!

This quilt is totally about it. Here can be sun, rain and mudflow in one day!
Materials: cotton, beads.
Machine piecing, machine quilting, hand beading


  1. Lovely balance of colours, Lyuda. The mud flow really makes an impact. It must have been a stressful summer. This is Avery effective piece.

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  3. It sounds like you had a much worse summer than we did. We just had a complete lack of sunshine! The 'mud' in your quilt is very effective and looks like it will cover everything in it's path.

  4. I like the way you have managed to express the raining with the straight lines and beads, Lyuda and the "mud" really shows how extreme the your summer weather has been.

  5. This is an interesting mix of textures and colour, from the wonderful delicacy of the rain to the heavy threatening spill of mud against the glorious shading of colour created by the piecing in the background. It speaks to me of people living their lives in all their variety under threat of that natural disaster. It's an amazing quilt Lyuda

  6. Interesting use of quilting with the yellow horizontal threads and the blue vertical threads, then both for the rain.