Monday, August 31, 2015

Golden Tulips

Our challenge Extreme combined with my personal one, Tulips could give many solutions. But tulips tends to grow very long stems even after they have been put in a vase, so I decided to focus on that. My tulips have extremely long stems compared to the heads. I also wanted the stems to weave together, not standing straight, and as I drew them, they suddenly became brother at the bottom.
For once, I also wanted to work with golden foil - so golden tulips. But I needed a focal-point, so I put in one tulip, bowing down to the viewer.
This done in my sketchbook, I had to figure out how to interpret this in fabric. I decided to quilt the whole piece first, then paint in the stems with fabric paint, glue and foil for the heads. The big one was red fabric bonded on before the gold foil was put on. And a little quilt finish just as a hint. I have not tried to make realistic tulips, just a suggestion.

and some close ups:


  1. Greta, The shapes and colours are perfect for this challenge. I will ask you to explain more about the painting later, on the Yahoo site. The gold foil gives such a glow as well as texture.

  2. I really like the conciseness of this quilt and gold foil is amazing!

  3. Lovely use of line. A very striking quilt

  4. Greta, this is fun. It's a wonderful graphic piece, elegant in its design. The contrast of colours with that blue/green, the red and gold enhance the design. And your quilting is perfect. I think you found the perfect way to create your design and tackle those twisting stems to give clean lines, it's my favourite of the three you have made for this challenge