Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The difficulty with this theme was deciding which memory I would turn into a quilt.
I am currently hand-piecing a quilt using a multicolored batik fabric in soft pastel hues that ofen reminded me of Monet's wonderful garden in Givergny. While I was stuggling with my first idea a few weeks ago several of our group members wrote about their visit to Givergny. I decided to take this as a sign that Monet's garden in Givergny would be a much betterstarting idea for a quilt.
I first saw paintings by Monet at the musée du jeu de paume in Paris during a one day class trip in 5th grad. Later I saw a few paintings by Monet in a museum in New York the first time I went to the USA. As I grew up near Paris about one hour drive from Givergny I had had the opportunity to visit this garden several times. For years I have had two reproductions of  pictures of the water lilies hanging in my home.
The quilt is made using the english paper piecing technic with 1/2" hexagons. This technic holds also memories of my City and Guild course where I used it for the first time.

As I wanted to give the quilt a more modern look I decided to machine quilt with a zig-zag stitch around each flower and each flower center using two different variegated threads.

Material: batik fabrics, cotton thread for piecing and quilting, poly-cotton batting
Technic: english paper piecing, machine quilting



  1. I love those exquisite colours.

  2. I love the way you have used the paper piecing. The style and colours relate well to Monet's painting style.

  3. A lot of work! The result is really beautiful, I can feel summer breeze. Lucky you! This is my dream to see this garden. May be sometimes...

  4. A beautiful, gentle quilt, for beautiful subject matter.

  5. Your quilt gives a warm feeling of serenity. A lovely piece beautifully crafted with dedicated hand piecing.

  6. oh this is so soft and peaceful. I want it on my wall. In front of me. right now! :):)
    Love this gentle piece.

  7. So subtle, the colours are glorious. I love the way you have taken an old technique and turned it into this beautiful piece of art

  8. This is gorgeous, and I admire your tenacity at working with the small hexagons. I can see this could be a series of works using paper piecing, perhaps incorporating sections into other sections.