Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This theme was quite a challenge. There were so many thoughts about this word, many positive and some negative, so my first thought was to make a weave of positive and negative memories, printed words on dark and light fabrics and then weave them together.

The word "Memories" also made me think of all those lovely holidays I and my family spent in Italy every spring for many years , about 35-40 years ago. Trying to interpret this lovely time I painted, with acrylic paint, a seascape with sand, water and sky. The beach is stamped with  irregular circles also  seed beads and some cotton beads and stitching were added in order to attain texture.  Parasols, sun and glitter were fused. The piece is hand quilted with silk and metallic threads.

My intention for this quilt was to make a simplified seascape which should give an impression of a peaceful and lovely time on the beach.

This was the first time I made a wholecloth quilt painted with acrylics.
Material used: Cotton fabrics, acrylic paint, seed beads, cotton beads, silk and metallic threads, cotton and polyester batting.


  1. This speaks of lovely summers on the beach. I love those seashells.

  2. You have captured the clear colours of a bright sunny day and the simplicity of a child's view of a day at the beach. Well done!

  3. The colours really do remind me of an Italian summer! And I think your design is very effective. I find it a great example of 'less is more'!

  4. Such a quiet summer late afternoon time! I love color sequence!

  5. Lines and shapes work so so well in your piece, to portray a simple but interesting reflection of your memories. Gorgeous colours and stitching too.

  6. Hi Ann-Mari,
    Your piece feels like it would be warm to the touch!
    I want to be on that beach right now.

  7. I love the colours and handwork in your quilt. It give the feeling of pure clean air, warm sand and cool sea. Perfect relaxing weather. What are cotton beads, did you make them?