Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Some memories are strong and return like waves on the shore.  This memory is over 60 years old!  

At a very tender childhood age I was admitted to a hospital for treatment to my damaged finger.   My hospital room in a big old house looked out onto the seashore and I could smell the sea.   I remember so clearly how scared I was in that big bed, until a trip to the toilet acquainted me with the hospital cat, Snookums. 
Snookums came back to bed with me for comfort, but that didn't last long!  
 I have always loved that cat and all cats ever since.

Further on, most childhood weekends and holidays were spent on family sailing adventures. The movement of waves against the hull and wind in the air is instilled into my memories.

My choice of blue fabrics relates to memories of the seaside.  Also a more recent visit to Yves Klein exhibition knocked my socks off me with his use of blue.   My range of fabrics relate to Klein blue, as close as I could manage, moving to greenish shades of the sea. 

From my large scale naive sketch of a cat (to reflect my childhood), I machine appliqued pieces over white fabric background using button hole stitch.   The facial features were machine stitched for additional enhancement and bugle beads finished the watchful eyes.  

No binding was applied - rather a pillowcase finish allowing the waves to continue the rhythmic motion of memories. 


  1. I like how the blue and green colours work together.

  2. I love the way you have portrayed the cat almost as a stuffed animal. He exudes friendliness.

  3. Such a lovely cat! THe quilt looks like child memory! Love it!

  4. This is clever! What a happy cat!

  5. Oh, what a nice story to go along with this quilt. the mosaic and color choices as well.
    A very happy piece.

  6. Great way of combining two memories. I love the simple shapes and lines, it captures the feel of childhood so well. That cat is stunning!