Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Memories, how do you chose one? I couldn't.
So I decided to try and represent them all using colour and then  explore the way memories are formed, reinforced and then lost through fragmentation. Research of scanning electron microscope photos and the explanation of the formation of memories  gave me the starting point for the quilting patterns.
The colours: walking through long grass, misty mornings, joy, pain, all can be captured through colour.
The strips and dots are memories, some overlapping, some being reinforced and some disintegrating. The quilting well that's the science and then the recall of events. Hanging from the bottom are the ends of the binding cord with a knot, so I won't forget.
And that weird title, that happened when my daughter, a psychologist, walked in and saw the quilt and said that's the bio cognitive basis or explanation of memory It's unwieldy but the perfect name and it stuck.
The quilt is made from cottons, some commercial some hand dyed, Super soft polyester wadding, cord, beads and 100 weight invasafil thread. The background is pieced and the surface fabrics stitched down with straight stitch close to the edge. this will allow the fabrics to fray over time much as memories do.



  1. Absolutely love this quilt and all of the thought behind it. Super well done!!

  2. Like, like, like! Colors, idea, quilting everything is great!

  3. Fabulous, quirky, wonderful idea! Love the colours and the title, Margy.

  4. I like your dramatic use of colour and abstraction.

  5. Hi Margy,
    Great work. Very thoughtful and thought provoking as well.
    I really enjoy your use of both hard geometric shapes as well as soft curves to further your point.
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  6. The initial impact comes from the rainbow of colours, but then further details emerge and add layers of complexity. Great work.