Saturday, May 31, 2014

My constellation

Theme “Space”… Nevertheless Amanda has given a lot of interpretations of this theme I had no any idea till the last week before reveal day.

Finally I've decided to narrow the possibilities of the theme to my own space, to the things around me which I enjoy.

So this is “My constellation”: flowers, fabrics, beads, apple (the name of our city “Almaty” can be translated as “Place where apples are growing”), quilts …

Hand painted fabric, silk, beads, buttons, technique – chenille.


  1. I immidiately knew this has to be your quilt Lyuda. I love them way you used reverse applique and left the edges raw. The bright colors really pop next to the dark background. The embellishments enhance the quilt wonderfully.

  2. I especially like the raw edge circular motifs. The design is nicely balanced over the whole area.

  3. Beautifully bold and graphic, Lyuda. Your bead and stitch work is excellent and I think you have captured the theme of space in a wonderful way.

  4. Llyuda, I thought this was yours. The textures and details from stitch and embellishment are rich and interesting. What an innovative interpretation of space